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Inception (2010)

There’s a fairly decent argument in the art world about whether an artist’s work becomes something outside of the artist once it hits other people. For example, if Tolkien writes LOTR as a parody for war and people interpret it … Continue reading

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Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The first time I saw Shawshank Redemption was on a movie channel, shortly after its unheralded box office stint. I picked it up 15 minutes in, and spent much of the film wondering if the film’s protagonist, Andy Dufresne (Tim … Continue reading

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Sushi Zo (Los Angeles)

If you wind your way far enough down National you will come around a bend and spot a Starbucks in a strip mall in Palms. I grow giddy every time I see it…because it sits next to Sushi Zo, arguably … Continue reading

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Black Swan (2010)

I planned on leading with a review of a favorite restaurant or favorite film, and while this blog will be replete with retroactive opinions, I haven’t been to many old food spots lately. Nor have I seen many old films. … Continue reading

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