Punjab Palace (Boston)


Punjab Palace sits among the row of bars and restaurants on Brighton Ave. It’s a quaint little place – one square room with a small angled bar. It’s clean, neat and Bollywood music videos softly echo off the flat screen. The waitstaff is extremely friendly.

The three chutneys on the table were fantastic, although the mint one probably the best of the lot. We ordered a poori, which I believe is Hindi for “ginormous puffy bread thing.” (Rough translation.) It was quite good, and smothering chutney on top was a good choice. It was an anti-Burgundy, if you will.

We also had a coconut naan, which I’d never tasted before. Another good choice, Burgundy. The bread had a lovely nutty, sweetness about it, although I’m not sure how well it paired with the food. The rest of our meal was standard fare: a yellow dal, gaat paneer and a tikka masala.

The dal was excellent – mild with a hint of spiceness. And the paneer was tasty too, although if I had to nitpick I’d say that the cheese wasn’t the most delicate I’ve ever had. The tikka masala was good, but not the best I’ve ever had either. The consistency and color were there, the flavors quite good. But the chicken was a little dry and stiff and the sauce didn’t completely blow me away.

That's enough Tikka Masala to feed a large family

One more note. The serving platters here were little marvels of geometry: they appear to be the size of a small bowl or cup, yet somehow house about 12 pounds of food. Perhaps this is some kind of Indian technology in which food is densely packed in a small space. I think I’d like to get one for the kitchen.

Overall, everything was fantastically tasty and the experience extremely positive. The best Indian I’ve had in the Boston area, and almost worth it for the chutneys alone.

3.5 out of 4 paws

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